Friday, January 29, 2010

Dog Dinner Review Three Dog Bakery Chicken Entree

For Pierre's birthday dinner on Wednesday he was served Three Dog Bakery All Natural Chicken Dinner Entree. And he gobbled it up pretty fast! So needless to say he loves it and gives it positive ratings and review (see below).

This dinner is as it says on the package, all natural and is chicken meat, carrots, green beans and rice. It says human quality but I sure would have to be starving to eat it myself...especially since I am a vegetarian but Pierre loved it. I purchased his Three Dog Bakery dinner at the new Kroger grocery store near my home. And I have purchased it at Albertson's grocery stores and Walmart too. You may also go to to purchase directly from them or find stores including franchises of Three Dog Bakery to purchase goods.

Three Dog Bakery Chicken Dinner Entree

Rating and Review: 4 paws a waggin' tail and one clean dish!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday Dog Today Daisy

I wanted to add a photo of Daisy for today, January 27 since it is her birthday too as mentioned in my previous post.
Happy Birthday Daisy doodle.
Here is her little song I made up for her when she was a puppy.

I am just crazy about a doggie named Daisy

She's so sweet, sweeter than apple strudel

And wiggly like a wet noodle

So glad you're not a poodle!

I love you oodles and oodles

my doggie Daisy doodles.

Dog Birthday Dinner and Rawhide Dog Bone

Two Dog Birthday's today! For blog reviewers Pierre and Daisy. They are litter mates and Pierre lives with me and Daisy lives with my mom. Pierre and Daisy's mom, Dixie (R.I.P) belonged to my sister. We keep it all in the family!

For Pierre's Dog Birthday Dinner he will be having Three Dog Bakery Chicken and Vegetable meal which we will review tomorrow. He also received a large rawhide bone for his dog birthday gift.

A quick review and rating of the rawhide bone. It does not matter what brand it is to Pierre he loves them all the same. He is a stealth chewer and can have one chewed in a day. His favorite thing to do with them is to get one chewed in half. Then he brings it to me and drops it in front of our cats bowl. This means he wants some wet cat food spooned into the inside of the knot at the end of the bone. Yes, cat food. My dog loves wet cat food and Daisy too, both definitely love it. I don't think Daisy gets it at all since her family cat eats only dry food. When Daisy has come to visit Pierre she does get to have some cat food. I think my cat, Chloe, figures what is for her is for him and what is for him is for her, as I have seen her go over to his big bowl of kibble and start munching down! Anyway, back to the rawhide bone. It is a good idea too to smear some peanut butter on the bone if cat food is not in your house!

I have also learned that when Pierre has really got the bone soggy from chewing on it I can unroll it a bit and put peanut butter or cat food in between and roll it back together. Oh and we have a nickname for our cat which is Smoochie, so her food is called Smoochie food and so the bone with smoochie food is called a Smoochie taco. I know, I am weird! But that is how it goes in Pierre's house that my cat Chloe and I share with him. It's Pierre's world and we are just livin' it. We will review the birthday dinner tomorrow.

Rawhide Bone Any Brand Review and Rating:

4 paws and tail wagging with peanut butter or wet cat food as a topping

4 paws and lots of fun just as it is - bone.

By the way, from my experience, chewing on rawhide bones has kept Pierre's teeth and gums very clean. Pierre's vet. Dr. Sue always comments on how wonderfully healthy his teeth and gums, especially for his age. She encourages me to keep giving him rawhides.

Word of Caution: Always supervise and or be around when your dog is chewing on a bone because they could possibly chew a piece too big and try to swallow it and choke.

Happy Birthday Pierre and Daisy I hope you are with us another 7 years and another 7 years. Love you both fur-ever!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dog Treat Review Bitty Bites From Three Dog Bakery

All Natural Bitty Bites Dog Treats from Three Dog Bakery are the newest treat test by Pierre.

These treats are oven baked and the box contains 3 flavors - Vanilla "Woof"ers, Ulti "Mutt" Spots (look like chocolate chip cookies) and Peanut flavored "Woof"ers. They are round and about the size of a quarter coin and about a 1/4 inch in thickness. Great for small dogs. But as you can see from Pierre's picture small can only describe.....Well, not much on him is small at all! But he loves these little snacks anyway.

I purchased the little .5 oz snack box size but they also come in a bigger box with more treats in them. Three Dog bakery uses all natural human ingredients and no added refined sugar, salt or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Please check the bottom of the box for the expiration date, which is usually within 2 month of purchase for shelf life of fresh baked dog treats.

A few of Three Dog Bakery items can be found at some Walmart stores and they also have franchised bakeries throughout the U.S. you can find all that stuff out plus see all their treats available at their website,

All Natural Bitty Bites From Three Dog Bakery

Rating And Review: 4 Paws up - Pawsitively good!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canine Carry-Outs Dog Treat Review: By Mr. Houla

Mr. Houla received a bag of Canine Carry-Outs this past weekend and his final review of the treat is 2 out of 4 paws and a wagging tail. Which translates to so-so, and definitely perfers the homemade all natural treats. Here is what went down with Mr. Houla and his reactions.

When I was visiting Mr. Houla and his family I purchased these treats for him on whim at Walmart. Because he had eaten all his homemade snacks (recipes listed below) and I really did not have the time to whip up a batch of treats for him. He patiently sat there waiting as I opened the bag to give him one. Instead of grabbing it and eating it immediately he first looked at it, sniffed it in my hand and then paw*sed (paused) before gingerly taking it. He then carried it over across the floor and dropped it and sniffed it more. Then he started to eat it and he spit it out. He looked at me with a look of "what in world is this?" I went over and crumbled it up thinking maybe the slick texture of the raw steak like piece was unappealing. By crumbling it up he then ate it. Five minutes later, up it came, thankfully on the kitchen tile and not the carpet. Otherwise, I world have been in BIG trouble for giving him such a nasty treat! And of course I would be cleaning the carpet.

A few days later, I phoned Mr. Houla's human mom, and asked if she would test the treat again before I added his final review. Again, he was not too thrilled with the treat. But, finally did eat it and without further vomiting. Thank God! He is a dog though and they mostly will eat anything ... most of the time. After this final try of the Canine Carry Outs his final review is: So-So. In his own words, that I have received from him through psychic communication! "Maybe, if it is the last available treat and I have not eaten in a day or so...but really, next time, don't bother carrying home any Canine Carry Out Treats for me." Speak to my tail-end 'cause I am walking away now!
By the way, after some research on Canine Carry Outs, I saw many reviews that many dogs, especially, bigger dogs love this treat. However, it is not the best healthy treat and would be likened to us humans eating chips or french fries! Be wise if your dog does love this treat and give it sparingly. Just as we don't eat junk food everyday neither should our pets.

Any treat or dog food you decide to give your dog should NOT include these top 3 HORRIBLE ingredients: Corn, Wheat or Soy. Actually, these ingredients are bad for cats too and should not be fed to either of you fur babies. These ingredients can cause a multitude of bad conditions in pets such as: bad breath, blindness, cancer, cushing disease, dental disease, early pet death, hot spots on skin, seizures, weight gain... to name a few. Please research your cat and dog food and snacks always to make sure you are feeding them healthy things. Also, stay away from foods that say they have meat-by-products in the ingredient's..eeww yuck! Just look it up and see for yourself.

Canine Carry Outs
Final Review and Rating: 2 Paws
out of a possible best of 4 paws (and a wagging tail)
Canine Carry Outs come in a variety of flavors and are found at your local pet stores and in pet food/treat aisle of grocery stores. And although they are not a favorite for Mr. Houla, many, many other dogs love them and eat them often.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review Dog Toy - Kong Dog Toys

A Review and Rating of Kong Toys for dogs:

I am Pierre, the head dog of this blog and I personally want to tell you straight away that my mom has given me 4 Kongs and 2 Air Kongs during my life of 7 years so far. And I will get more! I love them so much I wanted to write about them to give you the readers the first dog point of view.

More importantly for you humans is that you will love how us dogs who love to chew on all your stuff..this Kong just makes us only love to chew the KONG! I highly recommend it for any and all dogs especially chewers. I thought I could destroy ANYTHING and I mean anything. For example, when I was a puppy, with my sister Daisy we both chewed all of the patio furniture off the patio, moved onto the stack of firewood on the side of the house and dragged off and chewed piece by piece the entire stack of wood! Then we moved onto the siding on the house... boy we REALLY got yelled at for that! Mine and Daisy's response was "Whatever mom talk to the paw!" A dog has got to chew what a dog has got to chew! Daisy and I being working dogs needed something to do!

Next, mom and I moved from where Daisy lives (with my grandma) to our home and I chewed up my moms Louis Vuitton wallet and Chanel sunglasses along with the matching case. Ahhh! Yes, that was one luxury meal! My mom was not too happy, in fact, furious comes to mind but eventually she discovered the Kong ball and I have not chewed anything other than my own toys from then on. And out of all my toys my Kong and rawhide bones are my favorites.

Kong toys are almost NOT destructible and I have tried! As previously related above I am a great chewer of all things big and small! In fact, I read on the Kong site that they were invented by a human who has dog who loved to chew rocks! Oh so not good for our teeth. I recommend that you humans get your canine companion(s) a Kong for your pleasure (not having your stuff chewed up) and theirs. They are available in all sizes and shapes. They also have Air Kong that is my very favorite for chasing and squeaking.. Love the football shaped one. I have destroyed one of the Air Kongs and took the squeaker out but it took me awhile. And I did chew off the felt but it was well loved. They are recommended by dog trainers and veterinarians and dogs. They are a little pricey but definitely worth it compared to spending $5.00 or more for a toy that is destroyed in 5 minutes. Give me any plush toy with a squeaker and in 5 minutes I will have the stuffing all over the house and yard and the squeaker out too!

I just got a new red Kong Classic from Santa Paws for Christmas. I LOVE it when mom puts peanut butter inside it or cheese or even wet cat food yum, yum, yummmy. Plus, it keeps me busy too and not bored which is when I can get into trouble...boredom not good.

Check them out. They are available at most pet stores or in the pet toy aisles at grocery stores. We would love for you to buy them from Jake's dog house, the little blue link on your right or click here:
We do get a commission if we sell cool stuff from Jake's dog house which is a very cool site with amazing dog toys, gifts and supplies for dog people too!
Or their web site has all the information you need about all Kong products

Wet Nose Regards,
P.S. That is a photo of me with my Air Kong Football at the top of the article. Am I not pawsitively handsome?!

Ratings for Kong: 4 Paws Up in the air and a tail waggin too!

All Natural Dog Treats - Review Millies Doggie Dreams

Millie's All Natural Doggie Dreams Apple-Oatmeal Droolies are today's dog snack review by Pierre, Daisy and Angel.

These snacks smell so good to me that it inspires me to make my own oatmeal cookies and makes me almost want to eat them instead of giving them to Pierre! But I did restrain myself!

Cut into little heart and bone shapes they are the size of a teaspoon (bite size) so they are a good size for all dogs small, medium and large. The snack is crunchy but soft enough that they are easy to eat for dogs that may have tender/older teeth. They come packaged in an unusual hexagon shaped container - that I continue to reuse for other doggie snacks after the originals are gone.

The ingredients listed on the container are: wheat-flour, canola oil, applesauce, rolled oats, molasses, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder and rosemary extract.

They are distributed by Three Dog Bakery and I actually found them at Wal-Mart. They also have a website Made in the USA

Pierre, Daisy and Angel Love them! And I love that they are healthy too.

Millies Doggie Dreams Apple-Oatmeal Droolies

Rating for this review: 4 paws up by Pierre, Daisy and Angel.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dog Treat Recipe Chicken Stix

2 1/2 cups white flour
3/4 cups yellow cornmeal
1/4 chopped chicken*
1 cup chicken broth
4 Tblsp soft margarine
1 egg
2 Tblspn milk

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Combine flour, cornmeal, chicken, broth and margarine. Make a ball of soft dough and knead. Roll the dough out onto a floured surface and cut into 4 inch strips or stick shape. Beat egg and milk together and brush on top of the sticks/strips. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 325 degrees for 35 minutes. Makes about 25 strips.

*I used 1 can of organic chicken (usually found in the aisle near the canned tuna)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe

These treats are pretty easy to make and dogs love them! The most time consuming thing is rolling the dough out and cutting the cookies...but the dogs support you in taking the time making them so feel the love and make the treats!

Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1/2 cup peanut butter
2 Tblspn of cooking oil
1 cup of water
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cups white flour

First combine the oil, peanut butter and water. Add flour 1 cup at a time.
Form dough.
Knead dough into the form of a ball
Roll dough out on floured surface to 1/2 inch thickness
Cut into shapes or pieces approx. 3-4 inches in size
(I used bone shaped cookie cutter but any shape will do mailman, cats, ball (round). The dogs really don't care what shape they are, really.)
Place on lightly greased cookie sheet (I use Pam cooking oil spray very lightly)
Bake for 20 minutes
Take out of oven and allow to cool first before handling and placing in a bag or container for keeping fresh.

After cooled pass them on to your doggy. One at a time! Try spreading a thin layer of peanut butter on top for an extra flavor.

**Note: you may have to add a little extra water if dough is too dry and not sticking together

Not sure what the calorie content is to these treats but I give 3 per day (at most) to Pierre who is 60lbs.

This recipe rates overall 4 paws per our taste testers.

Chicken Dog Treat Recipe coming next!

Monday, January 4, 2010

All Natural Homemade Dog Treats

Our first review of treats will be of recently received all natural dog treats. Two different types of dog treats were handmade and given to each dog from "Santa Paws". I used two different recipes to make approximately 75 bone shaped cookies (dog treats). It was a long day but 6 dogs so appreciated and loved them I am happy to say. However, the reaction to what treat was best varied from dog to dog. See ratings below.

Peanut Butter Dog Treats rating:

Pierre: 3 paws and 4 paws after I slathered peanut butter on top of the treat!

Daisy: 4 paws for the peanut butter treats

Mr. Houla: 4 paws, so as he sees the bag of treats come out he comes in and sits down for one.

Angel: 2 paws only due to the size and they were hard for her to eat. If broken up or made smaller she could have really chowed down on them!

Angel happened to like the chicken treats as they were easier for her to chew as a senior small dog.

Two other dog treat recepients, Daphne and Precious give them 4 paws.

Homemade Chicken dog treats ratings:

Pierre: 3 paws and 4 paws if they had extra chicken with them!

Daisy: 4 paws but mostly gave the chicken to Angel

Mr. Houla: 4 paws!

Angel: 4 paws easy to chew for the senior dog!

Recipes to follow check back soon!

Welcome to Dog Toys and Treats Review

This is Pierre. 60lbs of pure love! He is part Australian Red Heeler mixed with English Springer Spaniel. He is the host and star of the blog.

This is Daisy. She is Pierre's litter mate so see above for age and breed! She will be joining Pierre and others periodically for dog toy and treat reviews.

Mr. Houla. A Catahoula Hound dog who is about 1 year old. He too will be a guest reviewer.
This is Angel. She is a Pomeranian who is about 10 years old. She will be giving the senior dog point of view on the blog.

Welcome to our doggy toy and treat review site. I decided upon having this blog when I noticed for the millionth time (exaggeration of course but often) I was in a pet store advising doggy mom's and dad's on toys and treats for their furry friends based on Pierre's reaction.

Pierre is my dog, a mixed breed of AKC registered Australian Red Heeler (his mom) and English Springer Spaniel (his dad) who of course ran off after he got what he wanted on his first date. A family member of mine owned his mother and a total of 9 puppies were in the litter! We kept 3 puppies in the family and adopted out the remainder to loving homes. Pierre is about to turn 7 years old and he has tried almost every toy and lots of treats, all natural, sort of natural and not so natural! Homemade treats too. He has destroyed in minutes toys that claim that they are indestructible and he has turned his nose up at various treats, dog food and toys, while really liking others.

So hopefully to be of some help to other dog owners in choosing toys and treats for their dogs based on my experience this blog is born. Pierre also has some friends and family members that will join us for testing of products.

We will rate the products by showing 1-4 paws up with 1 paw being bad to 4 paws being the best. Pierre always rolls over on his back with all four paws in the air while holding/chewing his latest ball, bone or toy which indicates he LOVES it!
Warm Regards,