Friday, May 28, 2010

Paws Up for Military Dogs!

Ahh, finally the unofficial beginning of summer time... Memorial Day weekend! This weekend while we are celebrating honoring our most amazing veterans and military men and women let us remember the great canines who serve and have served with them. Click here for the K-9 wall of honor at US War Dogs

While we are having our barbecue's, backyard fun and picnics keep in mind that our dogs enjoy it too but sometimes not as much as we think. Even if your pooch is Mr. or Ms. Social and can paw-ty like a pro. Backyard parties with toxic food, hot grills, rowdy guests, loud noises and too much heat could lead to not a very festive time for him/her. The ASPCA recommends keeping your guy/girl indoors as much as possible during the party.

Here is a list of some toxic foods and potentially dangerous situations to avoid:

1.) Never give a dog alcohol: beer, wine and spirits need to be far from paw and nose reach.

2.) People food is great for people, keep your pet on his diet.

Onions, avocado, chocolate, grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts can all be fatal to our pets.

Raw or undercooked meat and eggs can contain harmful bacteria. Sugarless candies and cookies with Xylitol sweetener in them can cause liver damage.

3.) Give a dog a bone... a rawhide bone. Keep all left over bones away from your pooch. Left over chicken, pork and even beef bones can splinter and puncture a hole in your dogs tummy or intestines.

4.) Sunscreen and or bug repellent for people is not meant for your dogs. NO sunscreen or bug repellent on your dog that is meant for humans. They will lick it off and that can cause poisoning - vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and lethargy.

5.) Keep matches, lighter fluid, and citronella candles away from your dog/pet. If ingested it can cause central nervous system damage, liver damage, lung damage and irritate the tummy.

6.) Swimming Pools and lakes and rivers: Keep a close watch on your dog. Not all dogs are good swimmers. Life jackets/vests for dogs are available at most pet stores and sporting good stores.

In addition, the swimming pool is not an oversized drinking bowl...too many chemicals in the pool don't let your dog drink the pool water!

7.) Safety belt when riding in a car or truck NO RIDING in the back of truck!!! without being safely restrained. See article on safety belts

8.) DO NOT keep your pet in a car for any amount of time in the heat. It is sooo hot inside a car and a car/truck inside without a/c on can heat up to over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes. Dogs covered in fur and only sweat (let off heat) through their pads/paws and by panting. (If you cannot fathom what an unbearable way to die this is then go sit inside a hot car with a blanket on over your entire body for a few minutes to get an idea)


9.) Fireworks and loud noises (gun shots) can scare a dog to jump a 6ft fence and run. When its time to have fun with fireworks be sure to put your dog in the house where he will be lessed stressed and safe.

10.) ASPCA poison hotline 1.888.426.4435 if you suspect your pet is poisoned. Also keep your veterinarian number and your local pet emergency center at hand for quick response that can save your pets life.

Paw-ty safe and have fur-bulous Memorial Weekend! And a big thank you to American Military Dogs, Men and Women who are keeping us safe and who have kept us safe. God Bless You.
Pierre, Daisy, Angel and Mr. Houla
Proud American Dogs

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pierre's Pup-sicles Frozen Dog Treats Recipe

Here comes summer! And the heat is already on for some of us. This coming weekend is the official beginning of summer with Memorial Day weekend and many of us will be celebrating in a variety of ways. Pierre's Pup-sicle treat is easy to prepare and fun to share with your dog all summer long!

Pierre's Pup-sicles Frozen Dog Treats Recipe:

Ingredients You will Need:

1 32 oz of Vanilla Yogurt (low fat)
2 Tblspn of Peanut Butter (smooth)
2 Tblspn of Honey
1 Ripe banana (large) or two small

Utensils You will Need:

Electric Mixer
Measuring spoons
Mixing Bowl large or medium
disposable cups (like you use in the bathroom)
cookie tray or baking sheet


1.) Peel and slice the banana and place it in your bowl and mash it up with a fork

2.) Add the peanut butter and the honey to the bowl with the banana mix together. Use the fork first then use the mixer.

3.) Add yogurt to the mixture. Now mix with the mixer until smooth, no lumps left!

4.) Take your little cups and line them up on a cookie sheet or tray. Now fill each cup with your mixture.

5.) Take tray with filled cups and place in the freezer. Keep in freezer for several hours until frozen.

6.) Take one out and share with your beloved pup.

7.) For the remainder in the freezer cover with foil or plastic wrap.

Have Pup-tastic Time!

Four Paws by Pierre
and all dogs who have eaten them!