Monday, March 29, 2010

Dog Safety Belt Travel Responsibly with Your Dog

Many dogs love to ride in the car and many of us love to take our dogs with us too. Traveling in the car with our pets no matter how small or big can be very dangerous to us and them if they are not restrained. Having a seat belt or crate in the car for your dog is most important even when traveling a short distance.

Not too long ago I was speaking to a police officer friend of mine who related a story about an accident that had recently happened that he responded too. The woman had her little dog riding in her lap when it jumped down and got in between her feet. The woman became distracted and ran a red light hit another car. The impact of the accident threw the little dog from the car into the highway which another car in order to not run over the dog swerved into on coming traffic and into a ditch. The little dog died and several people hurt and taken to the hospital. It could have been worse.

Nothing makes me more mad regarding dogs than when I am driving along and 1.) seeing a dog in the back of a pick up truck untethered. I scream usually to myself at the driver "What are you thinking you incredibly dumb person and irresponsible moron!" I always pray for the dog or dogs and hope for their safety. If your dog is going to ride in the bed of your pick up truck put it safely in a crate that is secured to the bed of the truck. 2) People who leave their animals in the car while they are in the store or bank or whatever. Especially on a hot day. The dog can suffocate in a matter of minutes.

Our four legged family members deserve to be restrained for several reasons:

a. safety for you
b. safety for the dog
c. safety for others on the road
d. we wear seat belts, kids wear seat belts and your dog should too all for safety.

A doggie seat belt or harness is to keep them in the seat and safe from quick unexpected stops which could throw the animal and cause it to break something or die. Not to mention, hurt you in the process.

Pierre has worn a seat belt harness from the moment he started riding in the car. They are available at all pet stores and most general merchandise stores. However, we really like the harness available at Jakes Dog House.
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The picture above is the harness from Jakes. You must look under lifestyle and then travel for dogs and you will find it there.

Here are few travel safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Have your pet ride in the backseat not the front

2. Keep your pet safe and secure with a pet seat belt harness or well ventilated crate

3. If you use a crate and your pet is not used to being in one make sure to familiarize your pet in the house first with the crate. Use praise not force to get him/her to feel comfortable in the crate

4. Keep your pets leash with you and attach the leash to the dog and make sure they are secure in your control before letting him out of the safety harness and car

5. No food at least 6 hours before traveling

6. May want to give your dog and anti anxiety or anti nauseous pill before traveling to help make the trip more pleasant for them. Contact your vet for recommendations

7. Make sure the harness fits correctly and comfortably on your dog. Two fingers should slide easily through on each strap and also check often to be sure the harness is not rubbing the fur or skin and causing sores on your dog.

8. If your pet has not traveled by car for long distance and you are planning a road trip with them try shorter trips extending time on each drive in order to get him/her used to the long ride.
9. Be sure the dog's crate is suitable size. The dog should be able to easily lie down, stand, sit and turn around in a proper sized crate.

10. Always bring your dogs medical records in case of an emergency away from home and make sure the dog is current on its shots etc.

One last thing, Pierre and I recommend a site that that supports dogs travel safety, join the cause and spread the word on safety for all pets.

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Skunks Allowed - Home Remedy Dog Deskunk Recipe

Beautiful Spring has arrived and how are dogs love to play outdoors in the fresh air and on the getting-to-be green grass. In all that playing around it is quite possible that your dog will run into a few little creatures enjoying the weather too. Such as rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, opossums and skunks. Even if you live in a more urban area these guys are all possible visitors.

Pierre and Mr. Houla happen to live in suburban neighborhoods, bordering farm land and open fields. We see these creatures out and about quite often. However, Daisy and Angel live in a more urban neighborhood and they have on more than one account dealt with opossums in their backyard.

Skunks mate during the early spring (March) and have their babies in May and June. So they are on the prowl now, a lot. And a Skunk is the only one who can make your dog smell worse than an open dump on a 100 degree humid day. Recently, I came across a recipe made from ingredients found at home and thought I would post it. In case of a stinky meet and greet between Mr. or Mrs. Skunk and your beloved dog.

Destink/Deskunk Your Dog Recipe

Mix together:

1 quart of hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap

Wipe down your dogs fur with this mixture, rinse and shampoo with your regular dog shampoo.

Might have to repeat one time depending on the stink level!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Virbac Dental Chews for Dogs

Dirty dog mouth? Then give Virback Dental Chews for Dogs a try! Pierre went for his annual check up last month and was given an excellent bill of health. (save for losing a few pounds). However, his doctor always comments on how clean his teeth are and also his fresh breath. No doggie breath for Pierre - thank goodness. He is seven years old and has such white clean teeth that she asks if I brush his teeth? The answer is nope. I love my dog and he is spoiled but no teeth brushing. Instead, he gets rawhide bones and Virback Dental Chews for dogs. Excellent she says for keeping his teeth healthy. And good for me I don't get the lecture on having to get his teeth brushed and cleaned for $200. or more!

They are available at 1800PetMeds there is a link to your right for
1-800PetMeds We do get a commission for selling things there! Or you can ask your local veterinarian - Pierre's vet carries all sizes for small to large dogs.
Here is the skinny on the chews:

Virbac Dental Chews for dogs

Fights plaque and tartar build up

Freshens Breath

Fights harmful bacteria

Natural Antiseptic
Comes in three sizes and there are no negative side effects
Pierre loves these and they are strip size so you can give your dog one daily to keep his or her teeth and breath healthy and clean.

Virbac Dental Chews for dogs

Rating: 4 paws and very good breath!

Cost: varies at veterinarian offices but approx. $ 7.99 per bag at 1-800PetMeds (link to the right)

Pet Peek Dog Window to the world beyond the fence

Pet Peek window is a fabulous round window that fits into your fence that lets your dog see to the outside world. Can you imagine being only 3 ft tall and not able to see beyond your wooden fenced yard to other dogs or people on the other side? How frustrating can that be? Pierre loves to see what is happening on the other side of his fence when he is in his backyard. On the back of my property our fence backs up to a huge field with a garden and chickens etc. When the owner of that property comes out to play with his dog or tends the garden and chickens Pierre just goes crazy with frustration trying to look through the fence or under it to talk to the man or his dog.

I was really wishing there was some way I could make an opening for him to see out of. Yes, I could have just cut a square hole into the fence but I really don't like how that looks. I set out to find some thing. Imagine my delight when I found online this little window called the Pet Peek pet window. I ordered two. This is a 9.5'' round dome window that comes with a black trim ring and all the nuts and bolts that you need to DIY. It helps if you have a jigsaw fence cutter to cut a round hole, I do not - but I do have a fabulous yard guy who did.

The price for one window is around $25.00 and worth every cent.

Although this is technically not a toy your dog will play with it is something that certainly enhances his enjoyment of the backyard. It also curbs barking at what they can't see when they are frustrated. Now Pierre has see's his furry friend on the other side when he is out playing.

Pet Peek Pet Window

Rating: 4 paws

Cost: $25.00 per window