Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeping Your Hot Dogs Cool In The Summer Heat

It’s not yet officially summer time but in Texas and other parts of the country the heat is already on high!

Can you imagine wearing a fur coat in 90 plus degree and the only place you sweat from is your feet? And the only way you can cool down is by panting? Have you ever stepped out on the sidewalk or back patio and it’s so hot on the bottom of your feet that you involuntarily do the jumping bean dance? Well, think about these scenarios and then realize that it is pretty close to how dogs feel when they are in blazing hot weather.

Below is a list of some ways to keep your dogs cool and have fun this summer.

1.) One of the best and easiest ways to keep dogs cool and healthy in the summer heat is to keep them indoor with air conditioning.

2.) Yard dogs: If your dog(s) stays out in the back yard be sure there is plenty of shade. One tree in a yard is not enough shade. A covered patio, there house should be in the shade and well ventilated.

3.) Plenty of WATER! For outdoor dogs use two large heavy bowls in two different parts of the yard in case one gets knocked over. Freshen it daily. Add ice cubes and be sure the water bowls are in the shade, water heats up in the sun so hot water is useless!

4.) Misters and kiddy wading pools keep in the shade. 110 degree bath water won’t help keep your dog cool. Sprinklers are fun too and my dog who doesn’t like to swim but loves to play in the sprinklers! Great fun!

5.) A doggy sand box with the sand watered down is a good way for dogs to stay cool. They like to dig in it and roll in the damp sand to keep cool.

6.) Swimming Pools. Many dogs LOVE to swim. Be sure your dog knows where the steps are to get out of the pool. Many dogs die each year from drowning in swimming pools because they don’t know where to get out.

7.) Walk your dog VERY early in the morning before the day heats up or late in the evening when things of cooled down. Bring water with you and remember sidewalks heat up and if it is too hot for you to go barefoot it is too hot for your dogs paws.

8.) Heat Exaustion: It can happen to your dog in your backyard or on a walk. Signs of heat exhaustion include rapid breathing, heavy panting, and salvation, fatigue, muscle tremors, and staggering. If your dog exhibits any of these signs take the dog to a cool shaded area or indoors and apply cool wet towels to his/her body. Try to give a small amount of water drink and CALL YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY

9.) Sunburns: Yes, dogs to get them. Especially dogs with light or white fur or with little or no hair.

10. Dogs that don’t do well in the heat: Overweight dogs, elderly dogs and snubbed nose dogs like boxers, bulldogs, pugs, bull terriers, lasa apsos etc. All these dogs have poor panting abilities and should be kept indoors in the a/c for comfort. Heavy thick fur can be trimmed for summer but not too short because we they won’t be able to keep insulated and they can get sunburned and skin irritations.
11. Exercise: Let’s just keep it cool and take it easy. Ease up on the jogging and just go for a shorter walk with your dog.

12. Pup in your ride: Avoid traveling with your dog in the back of a pick up truck! For starters why don’t you let your truck sit in the sun for 30 minutes then go and sit your bare butt or bare feet on the hot metal bed. How does it feel? Too hot right? That is how it feels on your dogs paws. In addition, dogs riding in the back of truck beds loose where the dog can jump out, road debris fly up and hit it and blind it or harm it. Also remember to buckle up your pup with a dog safety belt. For its safety and your own. Dog seat belts are available at all pet stores!

13. Cars, I don’t know a dog that doesn’t like to go for a ride. But if it is too hot just leave him at home! If you must take the dog with you and it is hot leave the car running and a/c while you quickly do what you must do in the store, office etc. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave your dog in a car when it is hot even with the windows cracked. A car in the heat can get hot enough in 3 minutes to cause brain damage and or death to your dog.

Wishing you a happy, cool and safe summer with your fur buddies.


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