Thursday, June 10, 2010

Iams Dog Food It's What's For Dinner For Pierre!

I would like to recogonize Iams pet food customer service and give them a four paws up rating from Pierre and myself.

Pierre eats Iams Senior Dog kibble mixed with Iams canned chicken and rice dinner. Yesterday morning, I opened a can of chicken and rice dinner to make his breakfast and it was the consistency of soup and it was gray in color. Gross. I showed him the can and told him no, no, you are not getting this served to you! Of course that was the last can I had in the cupboard and hadn't planned on going shopping until today but, Pierre cannot deal with having dry food only. Not like he is picky just spoiled! So off I went to the store.

But the reason(s) for my post is two fold A.) To alert you, if any of you feed your dogs the canned food check it out at the store first by shaking it..normally it does not move but if it sounds like soup then it is a bad can of food. I actually shook about 10 cans and about half or 5 of them sounded soupy. I alerted the store too. B.) I want to give a shout out to Iams and their amazing customer service. I called them using their toll free number on the can and the person on the other end was very helpful and took the serial number/batch number etc. and said that they haven't had any recall but that they have been having a quite a few calls with the same issue. That they are looking into it. She took my information blah, blah. Then she asked me how many cans I had bought and I told her 5 and she asked if my dog eats any other Iams food and I told her the kibble. She then said that 5 brand new replacement cans are being shipped to me along with coupons for the kibble Iams.

I really appreciate a company that gives stellar customer service. I of course still had to go to the store right then to get Pierre his wet canned food to mix with the kibble for breakfast but all is good now! Thanks Iams and I hope you get the soupy food deal corrected soon.

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